Each of our projects begins with the brief on the creative mood; not only information relating to the type of product or brand is important, but also the values that the brand wants to convey and the target to which it is addressed.


From the initial idea to the graphic sketch, in this way our fashion designers translate ideas into images. The initial phase of the design is characterized by the creation of 2D mock-ups and the creative execution of the designer: then the colour palettes are chosen and the graphic elements for the choice of the materials are pointed out.


During the creation of the fashion product, the search for materials plays a very important and often underestimated role: the knowledge of classic fabrics and the continuous search for innovative materials allow us to provide a specific fabric folder to enhance the mix of factors that determine the final product (type, creativity, price).

In Waycap we pay close attention to innovation in the textile sector: eco-friendly fashion is a trend that in recent years has been improving the production chain both among large brands and between small brands. In this sense, we use recycled materials and natural products to promote a sustainable environmental impact.


Having defined the proposal and the choice of materials, we move on to the development of the product in which the structure of the article is studied; starting from the development of the template, relying on our leading partners in the sector, we are able to create customizations with various prints, embroidery, patches, applications, using the most innovative techniques. We recommend the most suitable methodology based on the chosen article, the material we want to use and the current trends.


Industrial design phase in which the prototype of a product is made.

Thanks to a high efficiency of the processes we are able to complete the development of the prototype in only just 24 hours for Made in Italy and 5 working days for Far-East production.


In Waycap we are able to provide a sample in a very short time: a dedicated team allows us to have an efficient and effective organization both in terms of human resources and processes.

Each customer is followed by a team that constantly assists and interfaces with the style department, in order to ensure pro-active communication


We can provide both Made in Italy and Far-East production and through our production sites we are able to maintain high standards in terms of quality and price.

Our production process is characterized by high process automation, by the ability to internally developed proprietary technologies and not require minimum production volumes.